Zoology Degrees

Zoology Degrees

Zoology Degrees

A zoology bachelor’s degree is a great way to get started on a career working with animals as a vet, zoo curator, or wildlife biologist.

The anatomy, physiology, biology, and evolution of animals are studied by students in zoology schools, preparing them for occupations that involve animal care, research, or breeding farm or domestic animals.

What Does a Zoology Degree Entail?

The study of animals is known as zoology. Even though “zoo” is in the name, students who complete a bachelor’s degree in zoology are well-prepared for a wide range of careers.

They enroll in animal biology classes that cover topics including evolutionary biology, ecology, anatomy, and physiology.

Students also gain knowledge of animal behavior and life cycles, which improves their ability to care for animals. Programs often include elements of fieldwork, lab work, and classroom instruction.

Students are well-prepared for a wide range of occupations dealing with many various sorts of animals, including household pets, farm and ranch animals, and exotic zoo animals, by getting a degree in zoology.

You can pursue a doctorate degree and a career as a veterinarian, researcher, or animal biologist, or you can work with animals as a trainer or breeder.

Students who complete a zoology program should have extended careers working with and caring for a wide variety of animals thanks to the knowledge and training they get.

What Courses Would I Enroll In If I Wanted to Major in Zoology?

  • Vertebrate Evolution Study of Mammals Animal Evolution
  • Environmental Behavior
  • Endocrinology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Genetics of animals
  • Microanatomy

What Jobs Are Available for Those with a Zoology Degree?

Flexibility is a benefit of a zoology degree. Graduates can enjoy working with and caring for animals in several settings, including farms, animal shelters, zoos, kennels, breeding facilities, and veterinary clinics.

 There is always a need for people to look after animals, make sure they live happy, healthy lives, and locate cozy areas for them to flourish. Graduates can work in a variety of organizations or even launch their animal care enterprises.

What is the time frame?

A bachelor’s degree in zoology typically takes four years to complete when taken on a full-time basis.

However, there are various ways to shorten the time frame, including completing additional units through community college, online coursework, or free courses at OnlineDegree that might transfer to US colleges.

Best Positions for Zoology Graduates

With a degree in zoology, you can pursue a range of positions that include working with and caring for animals.

You might find employment looking after cattle on farms, caring for aquatic life in aquariums, or exotic creatures in zoos.

With more study, you might also be able to work as a veterinarian, animal researcher, or scientist in the future. As an animal trainer or breeder, you can even launch your own company.

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